DAY TWO, 2010.

the inspections.

please please please, let it go well.....

we already know we must run more electricity throughout the entire store, it has never been touched and is all "knob-and-tube".  which is way cool btw, but not equipped to handle our plans for the shop.  the lights work, but they are so olde school.  we have already factored that as an additional expense, to upgrade the wiring while maintaining the integrity and look of the original store, but..... the rest is hiding from us, and honey called in some experts.  

tomorrow morning we will venture up to the store for our scheduled contractors meetings with a plumber, a roofer and the electrician.  it's going to be a huge learning experience, but we need to know our additional costs to get our store up and running.  

the idea of returning the store to it's 1900's history is going to be so much fun..... i feel like the store is ours already, but we are not even close.  did i just say "ours"??  i had no idea how emotional real estate is, and i am already "attached".  here is a photo when our place was the town drugstore and soda fountain.  did i mention the original fountain, handmade wood counter, floors and tin ceiling are still in the shop??

anxiously awaiting tomorrow's adventure,


dalton's drugstore and soda fountain, circa approx late1920's.

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