DAY ONE, 2010.

a new blog.

a new life with my love.  we had so many ideas during the wedding, honeymoon, and in the new year... driving and traveling and dreaming away.  what are we going to do so we can have our freedom back?  the burning question i have been trying to answer before i am completely smothered by this "real" job.

everytime i started thinking about the t-shirts, the more i thought about our registry.  and the farm.  it's just a better idea all around and we kinda had to work through that and figure out what we were looking for.  a small inspiring place to work, and one we can afford.  i'm so excited to think about working with my love.  and being in the country every weekend.  and eventually every day.   

i think we found it.  i thought it would be in the catskills, but alas it is not.  

the space does define you, and it inspires me.  our space together is everything, and i can't wait to build that with my love.   

the space is the beginning.  i can't wait to share our time with all of you.

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